About Flip

Pet rescue advocates Rocky Kanaka and his wife, Kelly, started Flip Coffee as a tribute to their remarkable dog Flip, a boxer whose life began in a shelter sick with distemper. Flip became a mentor and guide to all the foster dogs Rocky & Kelly brought into their home, teaching them how to trust and embrace life again, just as he did. Flip was patient, wise, and a best friend any dog or human could ask for. At Flip Coffee, his legacy is celebrated by rehabilitating shelter dogs, giving them a second chance they deserve. Every cup of Flip Coffee helps continue Flip's mission of healing and hope. Watch Rocky & Kelly spread awareness about pet rescue, adoption, rehabilitation and fostering on YouTube.



About Rocky Kanaka

Pet Rescue Advocate, Emmy Nominated TV Host & Pet Chef

Rocky's videos. website and social channels spread awareness about pet adoption, fostering, and volunteering with the goal of inspiring his audience to help animals in their local community. 

Rocky often travels the country helping dogs that have been forgotten, abandoned or abused, and sharing those stories on his shows Save Our Shelter on Netflix and Dog’s Day Out on YouTube and Facebook.  Rocky has worked with many notable brands including PetSmart, Bissell, Chevrolet, Furbo, Sundays For Dogs, Audible, Hellofresh and more. 

His passion for health and nutrition mixed with his love for pets were the inspiration for his pet treat business called The Dog Bakery and most recently his coffee brand Flip Coffee, named after his late Boxer Flip.

Originally from the islands of Hawaii, Rocky now calls Southern California his home. Rocky, and his wife Kelly, are pet parents to Kobe, a blind cane corso and their two young children. And...all the foster dogs they rehabilitate until they find their forever homes.

Flip my boxer dog had osteosarcoma cancer

Enjoy this selection of videos that feature my best friend, Flip!